Reduce Technology Risk with TrueNorth and OneBeacon

Efficient operations equal safe operations. And safety encompasses more than protecting employees and the public from injury. Integrators can also incur hidden expenses through lost productivity, reputational risk, and missed market opportunities if safety isn’t top of mind.

Today’s technology projects also expose integrators to other risks, including those involving cybersecurity, information security and protection, and communications breaches. OneBeacon Technology Insurance, offered through TrueNorth, was designed specifically to safeguard integrators against risks that threaten their business success.

What has TrueNorth’s OneBeacon service done for NSCA members?

  1. Saved firms tens of thousands of dollars by offering all types of insurance under one roof
  2. Protected them against loss due to network security breaches on customer networks
  3. Offered insurance to cover forensics that determine how data breaches occur
“A few weeks back, I logged into the NSCA website, knowing NSCA would have a recommended resource for our ‘special’ insurance needs! I knew NSCA would come through. The whole experience of working with Chad/OneBeacon has been excellent. Chad was very eager from the start to make sure he took care of us. Very grateful.”
-Matt Chitwood, D&L Communications


“A lot of the companies I contacted about liability insurance would respond, ‘You really don’t fit the mold. You’re not a retail shop. You’re not a true construction shop.’ They had a tough time trying to put us in a good category. But TrueNorth understood our business, as well as the carriers. When their quotes came back, they saved us between 10% and 15%. It’s like they’re right next door. TrueNorth provides an associate to manage your account just like your local insurance company would. Location is not an issue. The overall experience is first class.”
-Kevin Bauer, Evco Sound & Electronics 


What can TrueNorth’s OneBeacon service do for your business?

  1. Manage all of your insurance needs through one organization to save time and money
  2. Reduce liability when dealing with cybersecurity, information, and communications exposure
  3. Analyze current risks and anticipate future threats to protect your business

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*Please note: OneBeacon and its partner, TrueNorth, are valued NSCA Business Accelerators. A representative may contact you periodically via phone or email to determine whether these services would be beneficial to your organization.*

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