The New Rules of Customer Engagement

Author: Daniel Newman, President, BroadSuite Consulting

Imagine a world where you never had to sell anything. Every day, the ideal number of clients with needs aligned perfectly to what you have to offer would walk through the door and shout: “I’ll take it!” Selling isn’t quite that simple. And customers aren’t just arriving, ready to buy. But, in a very subtle way, brands are driving buying decisions long before the sales department ever becomes involved. Read more.

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Hitting the Curveballs

Author: Jay B. Myers, President/CEO, Interactive Solutions Inc.
Most small businesses are happy to simply survive these days. After weathering the storm and successfully establishing his business, Jay Myers, founder and CEO of Interactive Solutions Inc., talks about a conscious decision he made in 2007 to “not participate in the recession.” He talks about how he once again weathered personal and professional crisis to not only strengthen – but grow – his company like never before. He shares solid tips and practical advice that small business owner can appreciate and apply. Don’t just hit the curveballs that are thrown your way, but use them to grow your business. Read more.

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Keep Swinging

Author: Jay B. Myers, President/CEO, Interactive Solutions Inc.

Starting a business is easy. Growing a successful business: not so much. Less than 20% of businesses started each year survive their fifth anniversary. Jay Myers, founder of Interactive Solutions Inc., is one such survivor. Jay built a company that, by tapping into the demand for high-tech video conferencing and communication equipment, continues to grow even beyond its 10-year anniversary. Find out how he overcame adversity and achieved small business success. Read more.

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Under the Social Influence

Author: Chuck Wilson, NSCA Executive Director

Each part of “Under the Social Influence” captures specific (positive and negative) influences that can impact the stages of a successful life and career by using unique, and sometimes humorous, examples. The book appeals to Gen Y workers seeking their first “real” job, and employers who want to figure out why their Millennial workers act the way they do. The stories help everyone put life into perspective and focus on what’s really important. This is a cut-to-the-chase, no-nonsense, real-world, tough-love playbook for those struggling to get ahead (and those under the influence of negative social situations).

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