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Upcoming NSCA Webinars and Roundtables:

Leading Through Change: Insights for Integration Firm Leaders

October 2023

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, managing change has become an essential skill for leaders. Join this webinar with business resource partner Insperity and gain valuable insights into effective change management strategies. Discover the psychological process of change and how it impacts your organization and learn how to best address your employees’ personal needs during times of transition, which is crucial for maintaining employee engagement and performance. Be sure to leverage this webinar to enhance your change management skills and lead your organization through change with confidence.

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Tipping Point: How the Integrator – Customer Relationship is Changing

Tuesday, October 24th @ 11:00am CDT

Discover the evolution of system integrator and customer collaborations in our upcoming roundtable webinar hosted by NSCA and sponsored by Exertis Almo and Yealink.

Join us for an engaging discussion where integrators are encouraged to share their firsthand experiences in navigating the changing landscape of business partnerships in the digital era.

We'll highlight key shifts in:

  1. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC): Learn how UCC tools are redefining project management and communication, fostering transparency and efficiency.
  2. Healthy Building Changes: Explore how well-being-focused smart building technologies are shaping customer priorities and integrator strategies.
  3. Security and Cybersecurity: Delve into the evolving strategies for safeguarding data and fortifying network infrastructure.

Gain insights from real-world cases and learn to adapt your strategies for success. This roundtable is your opportunity to contribute and learn from fellow integrators.

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