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Electronics Systems Outlook Winter 2021:
10 Takeaways for Integrators

Presenters: Olivia B. Alligood, FMI; Chuck Wilson, NSCA

The biannual Electronics Systems Outlook research report that NSCA produces in conjunction with FMI provides invaluable market insight for integrators.

Sometimes, however, it takes a little digging and analysis to recognize the nuggets that are most relevant and impactful to your business. This webinar serves as a companion to the Electronic Systems Outlook (ESO) Winter 2021 report. Attendees learn about 10 integration market trends uncovered in the report that are most likely to influence how they go to market.

Analysis by Chuck Wilson of NSCA and Olivia B. Alligood of FMI tackle questions such as:

  • Which construction segments are down and offer limited opportunities to integrators?
  • Which construction segments are poised for growth and system integration?
  • How significant is the opportunity to remodel existing spaces?
  • What are the overall construction trends that most pertain to integrators?
  • What is the state of consumer spending?
  • Which geographic areas in the U.S. and Canada provide the most/least robust opportunities for integrators?
  • How will employment trends impact integrators?
  • Which vertical markets will have the slowest and quickest recoveries?

Ultimately, the panelists go through the data we uncovered, including market and technology performance expectations in the coming years, and help you discover ways to use the report to improve business and sales strategies, prepare business valuations, and establish incentive programs.

As NSCA member integrators look to position themselves for success in 2022, they will not want to miss this important webinar. The biannual ESO is an important benefit of NSCA membership. The webinar serves to help integrators fully leverage it.


Kindra Hall: Virtual Expert Story Session

Tuesday, March 22nd at 11am CT

Sponsored by:

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Presenters: Tom LeBlanc, Executive Director, NSCA; Kindra Hall, MA Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author & Award-Winning Storyteller

NSCA members still embrace the insight from Kindra Hall’s 2018 Business & Leadership Conference (BLC) keynote on storytelling – and how integration companies can use storytelling to create distinction in the marketplace and project the great value they offer customers.

Hall, a best-selling author and Chief Storytelling Officer of SUCCESS Magazine, is back to talk with the NSCA Community at a critical time. Competition is tight. Labor costs are high. Material costs are skyrocketing. To be profitable, integrators need to compete based on the unique value they bring to customers – their story.

This special post-BLC web event is free for NSCA members. Watch Hall tackle story-telling topics relevant to integrators:

  • Storytelling as a business tool
  • How storytelling can help integrators resonate with customers’ post-pandemic needs
  • Can storytelling play a role in nurturing company culture and talent retention amid the “great resignation”?
  • How to avoid negative impact of storytelling
  • Mistakes companies/people often make when telling their stories
  • Tips for using social media to reinforce your company’s story

All Virtual Expert Story Session attendees can get a FREE copy of Hall’s new book, Choose Your Story, courtesy of Kramer. Pick up your copy at the 2022 BLC, February 23-25 at the Four Seasons Las Colinas in Irving, Texas.



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