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Upcoming NSCA webinars and roundtables:

Electronic Systems Outlook Winter 2023: 10 Takeaways for Integrators

Tuesday, March 21st at 11:00AM CST

Presenters: Brian Strawberry, FMI; Chuck Wilson, NSCA CEO; Tom LeBlanc, NSCA Executive Director

The biannual Electronics Systems Outlook research report that NSCA produces in conjunction with FMI provides invaluable market insight for integrators. As NSCA member companies battle for profitability in 2023, this reliable report helps them to anticipate market and economic trends that will help them plan accordingly.

This webcast serves as a companion to the written report, free to NSCA members. Market analysts from research firm FMI and NSCA leaders identify and discuss 10 takeaways for integrators to consider: Topics include but aren’t limited to:

  • Reading into the Consumer Price Index and Consumer Confidence Index to analyze how it may impact inflation.
  • Which vertical markets are down and what that means for integrators
  • Which vertical markets are up and what that means for integrators
  • Supply chain data that can be applied to the integration market

Integrators can submit questions for discussion. This is a can’t-miss webcast for integrators looking to plan for profitability in 2023.

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Empower Financial Leadership: Path to Profitability in 2023

Tuesday, March 28th at 11:00AM CST

Strong financial leadership has always been important for integration companies – but it’s perhaps even more vital in the challenging 2023 market. This NSCA Roundtable Discussion analyzes steps integrators are taking to make sure that their financial leaders are empowered to protect profitability.

  • What measures are they putting in place to eliminate waste on projects?
  • What standards are they setting to make sure the company is only entering projects that are likely to be profitable?
  • How are they de-risking proposals and adding terms and conditions favorable to your business?
  • Just as importantly, are company leaders empowering their financial leaders to take these hard stances and make an impact in 2023?

The current market is turbulent. For many integration companies, backlogs are strong. But inflation, supply chain, and other market challenges make profitability tenuous. That means the backlog projects can be a double-edged sword.

Financial leaders are the first line of defense for integration companies. That’s why this NSCA Community discussion is critical.

Hosted by NSCA Director of Business Resources Mike Abernathy with featured guests of Exertis Almo and the NSCA Financial Leadership Council, the discussion will include you as an attendee. Register for the event to listen, share, and collectively learn how integrators can empower their financial leaders in 2023.

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PLEASE NOTE: Limited registrations available. This webinar is intended for integrator members only. If you are a manufacturer, please contact Mike Abernathy at mabernathy@nsca.org for more information on webinars and roundtables.

Dr. Kuehl’s Economic Update for Integrators

Tuesday, April 11th at 11:00AM CST

It’s time to check in with Dr. Kuehl, NSCA’s chief economist. It’s hard to remember a time when integrators were watching economic trends so closely. In 2023, customers’ technology and integration spending hinges on economic factors like job creation, supply chain, inflation – and whether we are in a recession.

This webinar provides an opportunity to update NSCA members on how important economic factors are expected to impact our industry. As always, Dr. Kuehl will provide integration industry-focused analysis on:

  • Employment numbers and what they mean for integrators facing escalating labor costs
  • Post-pandemic-driven trends that show businesses investing in technology
  • Expectations for the residential and commercial construction markets
  • Vertical markets that appear on the verge of growth (and those that do not)
  • Insight into consumer behavior trends and expectations
  • An economist’s view of the supply chain

Dr. Kuehl has been providing economic insight and analysis directly to NSCA members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and market recovery. During this webinar, NSCA’s chief economist zeros in on how economic trends may impact our integration channel.

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