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Sales & Operations Planning: How to Get on the Same Page

Tuesday, April 20, 2021
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presented by Joel Harris, Strategy and Business Consultant with Navigate Management Consulting & Jim Scalise, General Manager of Avidex

Does your sales team often oversell your delivery capacity, resulting in the following?

  •  Frustration by your sales team
  • Loss of customer goodwill when projects are not completed as promised
  • Even creating customer defections

More likely, how often does your delivery capacity go unused resulting in all your internal costs flowing to your bottom line with poor or even disastrous financial results?

For many integration companies, this disfunction leads to wasted labor, poor margins, and diminished profitability. It should be a priority for integrators to get sales and operations on the same page.
How do you get these two fundamental business silos – sales and operations -- to work together for the good of the organization?

Jack Welch popularized the use of "Sales & Operations Planning" beyond a supply chain tool to an effective management tool. In this session, we boil down the essentials of Sales and Operations Planning to provide attendees with a template and methodology to use in their integration project-oriented business.

This is a must-attend webinar for integrators that want to make sure sales are supporting their operations … operations is supporting sales … and their companies are running efficiently and profitably.

Joel Harris concurrently serves as a Strategy and Business Consultant with Navigate Management Consulting and the COO for HB Communications (an NSCA member company). Over the past 20 years, Joel has led company growth by ten-fold through equal parts of organizational improvement, strategic transformation, and acquisitions. Joel is a veteran of the US Marine Corps and holds a BS in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University, an MBA from the University of North Carolina and completed Executive Education in New Product Development at MIT Sloan School of Management. He has also worked in engineering and strategic consulting positions with Marathon Oil, Ernst & Young, LLP, and Pfizer, Inc.


Dr. Kuehl’s Economic & Integration Market Outlook






Tuesday, April 27, 2021
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presented by Dr. Chris Kuehl, Armada Corporate Intelligence

It’s time for NSCA members to check in again with NSCA Chief Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl.

Two months after Dr. Kuehl delivered a keynote at NSCA’s 23rd Business & Leadership Conference outlining both current pandemic-driven conditions and long-term trends, there is already a lot to discuss with integrators. The vaccine rollout is well underway and Dr. Kuehl, as always, provides objective analysis of how vertical markets are recovering – and the state of opportunities for integrators.

We expect NSCA members to walk away with optimism – and perhaps a more positive outlook than they’ve had in over a year.

Topics Dr. Kuehl will tackle include:

  • COVID-19 vaccine rollout
  • Return to work
  • Re-emergence of integration customer demand
  • Impact of new administration and lawmakers
  • Consumer behavior

NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson joins Dr. Kuehl to discuss economic trends and their specific impact on the integration market. NSCA members can submit questions to cwilson@nsca.org.


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