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New COVID-19 Relief Package: What’s In It for Integrators?

Wednesday, January 27, 2021
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presenters: Caley Lendy & Jeff Bronswick, Bronswick Benjamin

With the signing of a new COVID-19 relief package, a second round of assistance is available for eligible companies. It can be a little tricky, however, to figure out exactly what in the $900 billion, 5,500-plus-page law can potentially help NSCA member companies.

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (H.R. 133) includes a myriad of provisions for small- and medium-sized businesses to consider. The relief package may provide businesses, including eligible integration companies, with valuable benefits, including:

  • Potential for further PPP loans
  • Previous recipients of federal COVID-19 aid may receive relief from tax-consequences associated with forgiveness of debts incurred

In this free webinar for NSCA members, Bronswick Benjamin, a CPA firm on the NSCA Member Advisory Council, walks you through your eligibility for PPP funding, tax implications, and next steps.
Register now to fully leverage your COVID-19 Relief Package benefits.

Jeffrey Bronswick is the Managing Partner at Bronswick Benjamin. After working with a “Big Four” firm for several years, he joined Reicin Pollack, which would later become Bronswick Benjamin. Currently servicing a variety of clients in manufacturing, distribution, technology, professional services, labor organizations, and employee benefit plans. Jeff prides himself on his unique approach with clients, in that companies and owners need a true business advisor who can assist them as their companies evolve over time and can grow with them. Mr. Bronswick holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Northern Illinois University, Cum Laude with University Honors and an MBA from Northern Illinois University as well. His associations include, an active Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a Member of Illinois Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Caleb Lendy is a Partner at Bronswick Benjamin. He joined Bronswick Benjamin in 2012 through the merger of Bronswick Reicin Pollack and Benjamin Birkenstein. At BB, Caleb specializes in tax compliance, tax planning, and business advisory services for a variety of different industries including manufacturing, distribution, construction, technology, business services, and medical. He has devoted considerable time to handling multi-state income tax preparation for several of BB’s clients. He received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Loyola University and his Master of Taxation from DePaul University. Caleb is a Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a Member of Illinois Society of Certified Public Accountants.


Are Outsourced Services Right for Your Business?

Tuesday, February 2, 2021
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presenters: Sunil Botadra, AV Design Labs & John Mitton, RedThread

No, outsourcing services aren’t right for every business and in every situation, but in some cases it can boost an integration firm’s bottom line.

In this What Every Integrator Needs to Know Series webinar, learn how well-planned and executed outsourced services can make your business more scalable and less susceptible to market fluctuations.

Featuring Sunil Botadra of AV Design Labs and NSCA Member, John Mitton of RedThread, webinar topics include:

  • Advantages and benefits of bundled subscription service
  • Why there is an increased demand for design/drafting/engineering services besides just installation labor services
  • How a subscription model can affect the integrators bottom line
  • How can a subscription service be scalable from an integrator’s perspective?

Sunil Botadra has been Engineering Change for the AV Integrators ever since he founded AV Design Labs in 2017. A problem solver at heart, he is an industry veteran with 25 years of experience in different roles in varying capacity within the AV Integration business. He started his career in India in 1996 and immigrated to the US in 2001 when he was hired as an engineer to work for AV Associates/MCSi. Sunil and his team of drafters/engineers/programmers are focused on delivering quality and timely service to all their customers. Sunil is planning to bring the same problem solving services to the IT/SECURITY industry with his new venture ICT Design Labs that will focus on the IT/SECURITY integrators starting February 2021.


Using the ESO Winter 2020 Report to Benchmark Performance

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presenters: Olivia B. Alligood, FMI; Chuck Wilson, NSCA

NSCA recently released the Electronic Systems Outlook Winter 2020 report. Now we’re ready to review the findings in a free, in-depth webinar.

We’ll go through the data we uncovered, including market and technology performance expectations in the coming years, and help you discover ways to use the report to improve business and sales strategies, prepare business valuations, and establish incentive programs.

As a senior analyst in FMI’s strategy practice, Olivia B. Alligood advises a broad range of clients throughout the built environment, including contractors, architects, engineers and building materials producers. This is accomplished primarily through market research, including market sizing and forecasting, stakeholder interviews and trends analysis. Olivia also works closely with a number of industry associations. Olivia received her Bachelor of Arts in both business journalism and economics, with a minor in politics philosophy and economics (PPE), from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Chuck Wilson is the executive director for NSCA, the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial electronic systems industry. Much of Chuck’s time is spent assisting contractors with the challenges of today’s business environment. He often gives lectures and presentations at key industry events, and has been published in numerous leading trade journals.


Lunch & Learn: Revenue-Boosting P2P Series Webinars

March 8, 2021 - March 12, 2021 (Monday through Friday)
8am - 5pm Central
Presenters: Tom LeBlanc, NSCA, and 18 Integration Industry Thought-Leaders

Revenue and cashflow are always extremely important topics for integrators – but perhaps even more so as the industry battles through market recovery in 2021.

The topics presented at this past fall’s NSCA Pivot to Profit conference were focused on accelerating change to reboot your business. One trap that we all fall into is – getting motivated by a business conference session and then allowing the enthusiasm to fizzle when we get back to our day-to-day jobs. We end up not taking next steps and ultimately not implementing the strategies that our organizations may need.

NSCA’s P2P Series content aims to keep those conversations alive and keep the motivation high. We’re also trying something new …

Three webinars, already recorded, will be presented back-to-back each day (Monday through Friday) during Revenue-Boosting P2P Series Webinar Week. We know your busy and your calendars get filled.

Register once – and you’ll be able to join any of these three webinars during their timeslots Monday through Friday.

Watch them back-to-back. Watch one and return other days to watch the others. The flexibility will help you work them into your calendar. Use the time stamps below to accommodate your schedule.

The three Revenue-Boosting P2P Series Webinars include:

Rebuilding Revenue & Improving Cashflow

Working smart is critical as companies battle through 2021. It’s so important for integration companies to pay close attention to profitability, cashflow, and revenue. In this P2P Series Webinar, industry thought-leaders walk you through important steps you can take to improve revenue and cashflow. Featured companies include:

Recurring Revenue Opportunities for Integrators

Improving service-based revenue is a staple topic at Pivot to Profit sessions and this past P2P was no different. NSCA’s latest 2021 Financial Analysis of the Industry shows that the needle is moving somewhat and those companies with more recurring revenue are often in stronger recovery positions. This P2P Series Webinar offers concrete recurring revenue tips. Featured companies include:

Revenue Opportunities: Adapting to Clients’ New Needs

One of the keys to recovery is recognizing how customers’ priorities have changed. They might not be investing in the same things as pre-COVID-19, but the good news for integrators is that research shows that companies and organizations are prioritizing investments in communication and security. The value of an integrator has changed but perhaps it has never been higher. This P2P Series Webinar digs into ways integrators should consider pivoting their offerings to solve customers’ new challenges. Featured companies include:


Inside the 2021 Financial Analysis of the Industry

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presenters: NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson and members of the NSCA Financial Leadership Council

The research in the Financial Analysis of the Industry is among the most valuable resources available to you as an NSCA member. This webinar will help you to understand key trends and allow you to fully-leverage this tool to improve your business.

Register to watch NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson and members of the NSCA Financial Leadership Council break down the results of the 45-page report. You’ll learn how to use the Financial Analysis of the Industry to:

  •  Benchmark the profitability of your company versus the rest of the industry.
  • Compare your backlog versus other companies.
  • Analysis financial trends among small, medium-sized, and large integration companies.
  • Recognize vertical market swings that will be valuable in strategic planning.
  • Understand product and technology trends that reflect your customers’ needs.

The 2021 report, based on the Financial Analysis of the Industry survey provided by 109 NSCA members, outlines myriad trends that are valuable to any individual in a financial or strategic role at an integration company. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the findings that will be discussed during the exclusive webinar:

  • In terms of staffing, sales headcount, as a percentage of fulltime employment, has gone up. Why and what does that mean for you?
  • The diversity of systems and technologies offerings has grown since the last survey, indicating that integrators are addressing more of their clients’ needs. What’s driving this?
  • The government and education markets have grown in importance. What has changed?
  • Survey shows troubling operating income and profitability. What are numbers? How do you compare. Why does this worry NSCA’s Financial Leadership Committee?
  • COVID-19 and work-from-home have had tremendous impacts on the industry, obviously, but in what ways will it significantly impact business going forward?
  • Digging into the numbers – revenue per salesperson, return on assets, return on equity, year-over-year backlog, recurring sales, profitability of big versus small companies, operating income percentage, pre-tax profit and much more.

For integration company leaders and finance professionals, this webinar is must-attend.


NSCA’s 2021 Legislative and Regulatory Challenges Agenda

Tuesday, April 6, 2021
9am Pacific/10am Mountain/11am Central/12pm Eastern
Presenters: Chuck Wilson, NSCA Executive Director and members of the Connected Technologies Industry Consortium

This webinar, free for NSCA members, is a must-add for every integration professional’s calendar.

There is a growing slate of legislative bills in many states that can potentially limit integration companies’ ability to do business. Yes, as your trade association it’s NSCA’s responsibility to advocate on the industry’s behalf – but we simply can’t do it without your help.

NSCA’s Chuck Wilson and members of the Connected Technologies Industry Consortium will tackle two key areas in this webinar:

What types of laws are emerging that may impact your business?

Many states are pushing laws that will limit your ability to legally do work you’re likely qualified to do. Emerging innovations, such as 5G, IP-enabled building automation, PoE lighting, and other IoT applications, could either disrupt your current business or enable more opportunity. Challenges coming to the forefront include standards, privacy concerns, untested user interfaces, public safety, cyber concerns, and risk elevation.

How is NSCA helping and how should you get involved?

As your trade association, NSCA works shoulder-to-shoulder with other associations and companies to band together to understand worrisome bills as they are proposed – and combat them if needed. We need boots on the ground, so to speak. Legislators want to hear from folks representing businesses in their jurisdiction. NSCA will prepare integrators to write letters or even attend hearings and articulate our position on behalf of your company and our industry.

This webinar will help you understand what’s at stake for your business and what actions you can take.


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