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7/3 - NSCA Announces 2017-2018 Board of Directors
NSCA is excited to announce the election of new officers to its Board of Directors for 2017-2018
6/29 - NSCA Members Now Have Access to New Business Accelerators
A suite of professional services, discounts, and offerings to help integrators and manufacturers conduct business cost effectively and efficiently
6/20 - NSCA Grows Member Advisory Council, Adds New Areas of Expertise
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, June 20, 2017 — NSCA is excited to announce new additions to its Member Advisory Council (MAC), which was formed two years ago to connect NSCA members to a trusted group of professionals who can share business insights and best practices. The Member Advisory Council offers NSCA members direct access to industry Read the full article...

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Helping Me with My Bottom Line

"NSCA is about helping me with my business. There is no organization other than NSCA that will help me with the bottom line." ~ Kelly McCarthy, Genesis Integration

Like a Bible for Business Owners

"From sales and project management to technical services, finance, and accounting, NSCA has developed the bible for a business owner like myself to run a business successfully." ~ Christina De Bono, ClearTech Media

How to Sell Better

"One of the most valuable things I've gotten from NSCA has come from its Business & Leadership Conference. The information at this event tells me how to run my business better, how to sell better, and how to be a better boss and employer." ~ Marla Suttenberg, Sapphire Marketing

Improving Our Value Proposition

"As a result of NSCA, we have more qualified staff, our pricing is consistent, and our value proposition is much more solidified." ~ Josh Shanahan, Sport View

Better Solutions, Ideas, and Concepts

"Integrators should join NSCA because being an integrator today is much different than it has been in the past. Many integrators need to change their business models, and you need a trusted partner to help you along that path. NSCA has many solutions, ideas, and concepts, and can be that trusted partner." ~ Rob Simopoulos, Advance Technology

Helpful Information About Market Trends

"NSCA has been a phenomenal organization for us. It has definitely helped with my professional development. The staff is second to none, and they care about our business and the desire to see it increase. We get lots of helpful information about market trends from NSCA as well." ~ Frank Pisano, Milestone AV

Focusing on Our Business Goals

"It's really important for integrators to be members of NSCA because they take a different angle than other industry associations. It's nice to have an organization that really focuses on business goals – especially an association that's niche to our industry but takes a bigger-picture look at business in general." ~ Kelly Perkins, AVI Systems

Providing a Professional Development Community

"NSCA has given me the professional development that so many of us crave. Being able to learn from your peers, take their examples, and implement them into your own business life is really important for me. NSCA has created a community that supports each other." ~ Gina Sansivero, FSR Inc

Better Leveraging Sales Staff

“NSCA taught us how to leverage our salespeople. Rather than bringing in new employees and training them on how to sell, NSCA recommended that we find ways to free up the time of existing salespeople so they could sell more. At that time, our salespeople were averaging around $500,000 annually. Now they're all at $1.2 million.” ~ Robbin Reynolds, Sound Products Inc

System Showcase

DM® NVX Series Network AV Solution

DM® NVX Series provides secure, no latency transmission of 4K60, 4:4:4, and HDR video over standard 1Gb Ethernet. It delivers a highly flexible, infinitely scalable network AV solution, from a simple point-to-point setup, to thousands of endpoints, using the DM XiO Director enterprise-grade appliance for easy web-based provisioning and management.


888-CRESTRON (888-273-7876)

Quick Stats

  • Best image quality
  • Transmit over standard 1Gb Ethernet
  • Network security at product level
  • Infinitely scalable
  • No latency
  • Encoder/decoder all-in-one

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