Prevailing Wage

September 10, 2010

Q: Have you heard from other members of more prevailing wage requirements on jobs?

A: Absolutely. I don’t remember a time when we had as many questions about this. I believe this is happening because the sagging construction economy has reduced the overall number of private projects which, in turn, is moving our members to work on more public works jobs like government buildings, schools, etc. Combine that with the political climate in some major markets where organized labor is strong and that results in more project labor agreements, so it stands to reason that this has been surfacing more. As a solution, please contact us about the rates prior to bidding on the project. Our members have lost thousands of dollars simply because they didn’t understand what the rates were, what certified payroll procedures are, how to get a rate established, how to contest a rate dispute, etc. Again, call before there is a crisis situation.

For more information, check out the Davis-Bacon Wage Determination Reference Material. — CW

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