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'Ex Machina': The Consciousness Test

April 29, 2015
'Ex Machina': The Consciousness Test

If only Alan Turing was alive today. He would have enjoyed the acclaim of the movie about his life, The Imitation Game, and the great public interest around his role in helping to end WWII, the beginnings of the modern computer and the test for artificial intelligence that bears his name. Turing would have been Read the full article…

At Kodak, Clinging to a Future Beyond Film

March 25, 2015
At Kodak, Clinging to a Future Beyond Film

Of the roughly 200 buildings that once stood on the 1,300-acre campus of Eastman Kodak’s business park in Rochester, 80 have been demolished and 59 others sold off. Terry Taber, bespectacled, 60, and a loyal Kodak employee of 34 years, still works in one of the remaining Kodak structures, rubble from demolition not far from Read the full article…

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