Leadership Development Council

 Leadership Development Council

Chuck Wilson NSCA Executive Director/CEO NSCA
Mike Hester
Kelly McCarthy Outgoing President Genesis Integration Inc
Ray Bailey Chair Lone Star Communications Inc
Josh Shanahan NSCA Board President Sport View Technologies
  • This team will serve as our awards, governance, and nominations committee, consolidating the mission of all three into one cohesive group.
  • To maintain our history and provide guidance and mentoring to allow NSCA to stay true to its guiding principles and beliefs while facing the reality and excitement of the future.
  • Advise the NSCA board of directors on governance issues, including bylaw adherence, conflict of interest concerns, risk mitigation, indemnification, D&O liability matters, etc.  Note: This replaces the current governance and board development committees.
  • Be the voice within the board of directors on the history of the organization and its heritage, and maintain a strong sense of past.
  • Develop a long-range strategy for talent management and leadership needs based upon review of the 3-year strategic plan and financial status of the organization.
  • Serve as the nominations committee (this replaces the current nominations committee) and make recommendations on future board and officer positions.
  • Serve as our diversity committee for board and staff positions.
  • Serve as the Lifetime Achievement and Volunteer of the Year award nominations committee.
  • Lead or conduct any executive-level searches.
  • Assist the association president in an advisory capacity upon request.
  • Provide conflict resolution support when board issues reach an impasse.
  • Provide temporary or interim CEO support in the event of the CEO being unable or unfit to act. Assign an acting executive director in case of impairment to CEO.
  • Develop a board and staff succession plan that has a 3- to 5-year window.
  • Make sure the NSCA brand can survive and thrive regardless of personnel.

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