Emerging Technologies Commitee

Mike Abernathy NSCA Liaison NSCA
Tim Hennen Digital Labor Solutions
Shanna Utgard Defendify
Sid Bose IceMiller
Harry Aller Innovative Lighting
Michael Castigilione Automated Systems Design
Joe Perez ClearTech Media
Patrick Whipkey EDGE(formerly USAV)
Jeff Brum Mechdyne Corporation
JB Fowler Domotz
  • To always be aware of the enabling and disruptive technology our members will provide or interface with and build awareness within our membership of the impact it will have on business.
  • To establish top innovation and technology specialists within our membership to provide guidance to the board and members on advanced technology that can enable or disrupt the channel.
  • Offer insight and lead webinars and education sessions on emerging trends to ensure NSCA members don’t get blindsided by adjacent industries, advanced technology, or innovation that obsoletes or devalues our solutions and service offerings.
  • Provide a futurist view of the most impactful technologies.
  • Add clarity to what our future scope could look like.
  • Allow NSCA members to explore new business opportunities based upon emerging trends that influence our businesses.
  • Assist and/or serve as the judging committee for the Excellence in Product Innovation awards.


Member Access