New Monitoring Solution for Lightware Devices

October 9, 2023

Its open-source implementation can simply be copied and deployed locally without a complicated installation process. In a configuration file, users can quickly and easily specify which Lightware devices and which LW3 properties are to be monitored.

To deploy the Monitoring Webtool, only a .zip archive file format needs to be unzipped to a target directory. No complicated installation process is required. Configuration can be done by editing a config file. Within that config file one can specify which Lightware devices and properties should be monitored together with the values of some global level monitoring options. Starting the Monitoring Webtool is simply achieved by opening the index.html in a browser. Lightware provides the fully functioning Monitoring Webtool free of change without any support service.

The Monitoring Webtool only communicates with the configured Lightware devices on the same local network and does not generate any communication outside of that network. Password protected devices over encrypted channels can also be monitored.

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