Lightware Renews Cisco SolutionsPlus Partnership

October 9, 2023

Orion, MI, October 9, 2023 – Lightware has had a long-lasting partnership with Cisco, and are pleased to announce that they are renewing their alliance as a SolutionsPlus partner. Lightware’s experience shows that customers prefer to buy a technology solution from a single source and bundled solutions drive a substantial percentage of overall technology revenue.

Cisco Room Devices are purpose-built collaboration tools, offering flexible and secure solutions for hybrid work. Lightware’s technology allows users to unlock the full potential of their Room Devices. Easily expand the number of available sourcesextend signals without compromise and utilize your Room Kit as an independent USB webcam.

Using the power of Cisco Room Devices and Lightware together, users can take control of their environmentswitch between more sourcescontrol meeting room assets such as lights and projector screens and share and utilize their Room Device as a USB camera, all directly from the Cisco Room Navigator panel.

Cisco partners can subscribe to these bundles as SaaS in CCW. If you are interested in Lightware and Cisco’s common solutions, learn more about them by reading the Ordering Guide ( account needed).

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