September 16, 2011

Q: I’m specifying a digital signage system for a large public works facility. What MasterFormat numbering scheme should I be using?

A: You will find these listed under Division 27. The specific heading is, 27 42 00, for Electronic Digital Systems. If it’s a transportation facility, use 27 42 16, Transportation Information Display System. If it’s any other type of facility, use 27 42 19, Public Information System.

The new CSI MasterFormat 2011 has been published and is available. For our industry there have been very few changes from the major reconfiguration done in the 2004 version. Our members have been reporting that most design firms have now at least changed to the 2004 version. Some have yet to convert from the 1995 version but the vast majority of work is now being done in M/F 04. — CW

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