Enjoy High-Performance Cloud Videoconferencing with Videxio, Managed by Visitec

Looking for a cost-effective way to deploy videoconferencing within your organization to improve internal and external communication?

Business collaboration is more effective when you’re face to face. Improve your sales processes, field-engagement efforts, and inter-organizational communications by engaging with Visitec to implement Videxio cloud videoconferencing services into your daily workflow.

Videxio – cloud videoconferencing managed by Visitec – offers NSCA members high-quality videoconferencing from the devices, locations, and networks of their choice.  Communicate with individuals or groups in virtual meeting rooms with up to 50 participants. System features include MeetingConnect, which allows users to simply walk into a meeting room, scan a QR code, and join their meeting. It works with existing video room systems and smartphones.

Visitec also offers NSCA members a 30-day trial to experience how easy Videxio is to deploy and use.

What has Visitec done for NSCA members?

  1. Provided a high-quality, reliable, and secure way to make professional, cost-effective video calls from anywhere without the hassles associated with expensive videoconferencing equipment
  2. Helped them seamlessly connect personal devices and video platforms through the cloud for videoconferencing on any device, including from a browser
  3. Reduced operating and travel costs by offering affordable, HD videoconferencing that can be used for audio and/or video meetings for up to 50 participants

What can Visitec do for your business?

  1. Enable video meetings in seconds – meetings can be hosted and managed with just a few simple clicks, and users can scan a QR code to effortlessly join a meeting
  2. Provide effective business communication that can be used internally and externally
  3. Allow you to use reliable, high-quality video to conduct meetings and reduce business travel

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*Please note: Visitec is a valued NSCA Business Accelerator. A representative may contact you periodically via phone or email to determine whether these services would be beneficial to your organization.*

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