School Safety: Is Your K-12 Emergency Plan Good Enough?


Day in and day out, integrators across the country are installing school safety systems to protect our future leaders of the world—but do you have protocols to train end-users on how to use these devices after they’re in place?

As integrators and manufacturers use the PASS (Partner Alliance for Safer Schools) School Safety and Security Guidelines—best practices for securing K-12 school facilities—to install and educate end-users on the types of devices they need, it’s becoming incredibly important that additional training be implemented after the project is finished.

In these three roundtables, AtlasIED, NSCA and PASS sit down with you to talk about your current emergency planning process for K-12 schools. Chuck Wilson, CEO of NSCA and co-founder of PASS, Mark Williams, Vice Chairman of PASS, and AtlasIED, a PASS partner and leader in school safety technologies, not only lead the conversation on how integrators should use the PASS guidelines, but engage with you on follow-up training protocols for emergency planning.

These roundtables will be highly informative and interactive as you hear from like-minded integrators in the K-12 space. Expect to engage in active discussions about school safety and security with other attendees and share your own school security insights.

You won’t want to miss out.

*Space is limited to a max of 25 participants per roundtable.

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