Save the Date for 2021 Pivot to Profit

September 21-22, Atlanta Airport Marriott

And yes, the plan is for 2021 P2P to be IN PERSON!

Pivot to Profit: Stay Relevant, Stay Ahead


When you reimagine your company’s purpose, along with the problems you solve for customers, you may have to “pivot” to discover new growth opportunities.
Learn how to maintain your company’s core values and support ever-shifting customer demands while discovering lucrative pathways to increase revenue in today’s environment.
We’ll help you “pivot to profit” by discussing:
  • Becoming a managed services provider—even if you’re a project-centric company
  • What’s possible with technology you can access today
  • The impact of predictable monthly income and properly recognizing that revenue
  • Emerging innovations that could disrupt or enable opportunity—depending on how they’re handled
  • Development of a predictable, reliable, and profitable managed services business
  • What your next competitor might look like (and what your company could become)
  • What to do differently to become a trusted advisor for digital-first clients
  • Your own list of five ways to drive new revenue

Optimizing every area of your business!

“Pivot to Profit provided us with the opportunity to see new technologies and applications, and meet with the leaders from a wide variety of companies. The presentations and conversations allowed us to gain further insight into how Avidex can leverage the knowledge of our peers and experts. We left the conference with great ideas about best practices and scaling our business.”

Shedan Maghzi, Corporate Strategic Advisor, Avidex

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