Codes & Compliance FAQs

The NSCA Codes & Compliance Committee provides a forum for members to ask questions and find answers to the issues they’re most concerned about in regard to compliance.
Ask our committee a question and the most appropriate subject-matter expert will provide you with direction or advice. We may point you to other resources on NSCA’s website or to the leading authorities on the topic as well.
Our goal is to provide direction and best practices while respecting the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). The general advice we provide may still require you to check local ordinances, codes, or permitting regulations.




Regulatory Issues (2)

Not yet as it is just a fact finding study bill but if we see it turning into something more we will do an action alert.

We are seeing this more and more. In the past, a permit wasn’t needed in most jurisdictions for projects within the scope and price range of what we do. Today, that has changed. Even a simple project can require a permit. It is a revenue generator and is used to verify licensing. Be mindful of doing work in an unfamiliar city. NSCA has seen major delays in places you would never expect due to unfamiliarity.

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