Codes & Compliance FAQs

The NSCA Codes & Compliance Committee provides a forum for members to ask questions and find answers to the issues they’re most concerned about in regard to compliance.
Ask our committee a question and the most appropriate subject-matter expert will provide you with direction or advice. We may point you to other resources on NSCA’s website or to the leading authorities on the topic as well.
Our goal is to provide direction and best practices while respecting the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). The general advice we provide may still require you to check local ordinances, codes, or permitting regulations.




Contract Administration (2)

A: Yes! Visit the Online Essentials Library and use the search bar for details.

A: We use AIA agreements because they are proven to be fair and are widely accepted.

A: Well, we used to be all for it and actually supported legislation around the concept. However we soon discovered that we also needed a pay when not paid provision as well. The intent was a solid idea but we found that most contractors who didn’t pay in accordance with the terms and conditions in the project manual were in default on other parts of the project where they weren’t going to be paid for quite some time.

A: On government projects the Little Miller Act is even better than pay when paid. This has helped numerous NSCA members get paid when their portion of the work was not called into question.

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