FAQs About the Ignite Initiative

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Who benefits from the Ignite program?
Ignite is a program of the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA). The program reaches educators, students and job seekers alike to inform, educate and foster recruitment possibilities for careers in the commercial electronics systems industry.We make valuable connections between technology manufacturers, dealers and integrators with job seekers, as well as high-school and college students through their educators and advisors.Our membership following is comprised of leaders, professionals, dealers and manufacturers in the commercial technology industry. We’re committed to helping integrators attract qualified young talent for this dynamic industry.
What can Ignite do to help students and job seekers?
Ignite is intended to “spark” interest in powerful career opportunities for 21st century students and job seekers.Through NSCA’s efforts to provide and build awareness of available scholarships, certifications, internships, mentorships, and training programs, we provide an on-ramp to a broad range of job and career opportunities in the commercial electronics systems industry.
Where will I see the Ignite program?
The Ignite program is an initiative supported by NSCA and its valuable industry members. Its members (integrators, dealers, and manufacturers) are the feet on the ground—those who carry the “torch” to spark the interest in becoming future professionals in their field. Our members are often found recruiting and educating at commercial electronics systems industry job fairs, local high schools, technical schools, community colleges and other adult education organizations. They will come to you. Contact us to learn more.
Why was the Ignite program created?
To support industry growth and future success, we’re committed to the promotion of educational opportunities to attract the next generation to the industry and fill the funnel with qualified candidates.Our program generates an interest in technology by connecting educators and students at local high schools and colleges with manufacturers, dealers and integrators to spark imagination and encourage students to consider new career paths in the industry.
When is the best time to get involved with Ignite?
Anytime! Educators, advisors, counselors and program administrators of high school/college students or job seekers interested in or passionate about electronics, engineering, media arts/communications, digital technologies and business, are encouraged to participate.
I’m an educator, how can I bring the program to my students?

  • Encourage students to research new career opportunities in the commercial electronics systems industry.
  • Collaborate with local NSCA members to develop and offer internships, mentorships, and other hands-on career learning experiences to support the development of technical and audio visual skills for use in areas like media, security and healthcare.
  • Help interested students plan their academic programs to address their career interests in the commercial electronics systems industry.
  • Be sure students know about available scholarship opportunities available through the NSCA Educational Foundation (www.nsca.org/nsca-education-foundation).
I work in the commercial electronics systems industry, how can I get involved?
Manufacturers, dealers and integrators of this fast growing industry— we need your support and collaboration to generate interest in technology by connecting with today’s job seekers and local high school and college students. Together we have a powerful and influential voice to attract, retain and grow qualified new talent in the industry.

  • Be an advocate and ambassador for your state/region. Leverage your deep roots in and understanding of our industry to relay on to today’s students the great benefits of building a career in commercial electronics systems.
  • Support local/regional industry job fairs. Attend or sponsor local job fairs to build connections in your local community with students, educators and job seekers.
  • Contact and visit local high schools, technical schools, community colleges and other adult education organizations. Be a guest speaker or industry representative and share your inside knowledge of the industry with today’s students.
  • Mentorship and intern programs. Your company can provide a great opportunity to students who exhibit an interest in building a career in our industry. Foster their interest by providing them with a hands-on learning experience of what the industry entails and offers.
  • Sponsorship or donations. Marketable support from industry partners like you will allow Ignite to reach more students and more successfully create a pipeline of future candidates for industry growth.

For more information, call (319) 861-8632 or email info@nsca.org

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