Automate Your Meeting Rooms With LARA!

November 16, 2023

Orion, MI– November 16, 2023 – Lightware Visual Engineering, the leading provider of USB-C connectivity solutions in meeting rooms, will host the next episode of its USB-C Masterclass series on the 29th November at 1pm EST. The upcoming episode will focus on the room control capabilities of the widely popular Taurus UCX/TPX platforms, showcasing a comprehensive demo of the Lightware Advanced Room Automation (LARA) tool.

Participants of this 1-hour session will get an interactive, hands-on demonstration about how to use LARA with Lightware’s unified communications powerhouse, the Taurus UCX and Taurus TPX devices, including the setup process and basic room control features. Register for the next USB-C Masterclass series here.

Both of these devices are capable to bring ease and simplicity into AV applications that involve USB peripherals and USB host-switching by allowing users to utilize a single USB-C cable to transfer video, audio, control and Ethernet signals as well as charging.

Beyond the native capabities of the Taurus UCX/TPX products, LARA’s aim is to create value for system integrators and one of its key goals is to allow integrators to create room automation:

– without deep programming knowledge thanks to continuously expanding pre-written driver module-set

– by writing modules and configurations in JavaScript

– by mixing the two approaches, do part of the configuration with wizards and templates, do part of it by programming.

We encourage you to take a look at what’s possible with LARA before you join our session. You can find more details at

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