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Job Candidates and Simulated Work?

June 6, 2012

Q: We want to have our final job interview candidates do actual simulated job site and technical work for a couple days prior to making an offer. Can we do that? A: I just had a great conversation with a…


Design Work for Owners and Engineers

May 24, 2012

Q: Does doing system design drawings to the specific system/product level put us at risk if there were ever any issue with the design? Have you ever seen a contractor provide any kind of disclaimer with their drawings? Should we…


New Rates on Workers Comp

May 16, 2012

Q: Our local insurance broker said to brace yourself for the new rates on workers comp insurance. Is everyone seeing this? A: I did some investigating and apparently so. The experts we use said several things are occurring that have…


Managing Receivables

May 4, 2012

Q: Our A/R is getting worse each day, yet we try harder than ever to manage this. What is the average collection time and what can we be doing differently? A: Receivables should be looked at in two parts. One…