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Systems Integration Training (C-SIP)

Train New Employees Effectively

Our C-SIP (Certificate as a Systems Integration Professional) program helps new employees start on the right foot.

Bringing new employees on board is an exciting process—but providing training to get them up to speed can be time-consuming and overwhelming, with no one able to take full responsibility for the task.

The C-SIP program provides the right level of industry and job-specific training in an online, at-your-own-pace environment. It takes the training and information-transfer burden away from existing staff members.

Industry-Specific Education in Four Key Areas

More than five hours of online training is included in each track:

1. Marketing

  • Understanding the Channels: Overview of Social, Mobile, Digital, and Traditional B2B Marketing
  • Social Selling: What It Is, Why You Need It, How to Do It
  • Want More Leads? Develop Content for Each Stage of Your Buyer’s Journey

2. Operations 

  • Key Performance Indicators: The Path to Effective Management
  • What’s Your Organization’s Cost of Quality?
  • A Guide to Gross Margin for Integrators: Above the Line

3. Project Management

  • Keeping Project Contracts Under Control 
  • Setting Standards for Proper Contract Management 
  • Managing Project Safety and Risk 

4. Sales

  • Sales Strategies for Integrators: Succeed in Today’s Market
  • Driving Sales Growth During Change
  • Prospecting & Creating Interest at the Executive Level
Business ecosystems and partnerships concept. Business collaboration strategies.

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