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Becoming a Master Systems Integrator

October 25, 2022

Understand the revenue opportunities involved with becoming a master systems integrator that can be relevant and vital to customers We’ve been talking a lot about becoming a “master systems integrator.” In fact, we featured an entire session about the topic…


Warranty: Individual Project Cost or Overhead?

October 14, 2022

Bill from Illinois asks: “Is covering warranty a cost associated with an individual project, or is it overhead?” NSCA responds: We suggest carrying this cost as overhead, which allows you to close out the project sooner. When you close the job out…


Are Subcontractors Exempt from Needing Insurance?

September 17, 2022

Bob from Wisconsin asks: “One of my install subcontractors says he’s exempt from needing insurance. Can that be right?” NSCA responds: A lot of NSCA members report that their subcontractors are now stating that they should be exempt from having workers’ comp…


Introducing NSCA’s Next-Gen Academy

May 10, 2022

The Next-Gen Academy helps future integration firm leaders better prepare for their executive roles. One of the long-running narratives in the integration industry is this: We need to continuously develop the next generation of leadership. So many NSCA members are…


A Q&A with Insperity: Is Outsourced HR Right for You?

April 26, 2022

Outsourced HR can be a viable option for integrators. In the right situations, it comes with many benefits. Outsourcing models have taken hold in many areas of the integration industry, from marketing and estimating to accounting. What many NSCA members…


Ignite Brings Summer Internships Back in a Big Way This Year

April 19, 2022

The last two years have taken a toll on everything—including summer internships. But Ignite is here to help integrators and manufacturers relaunch their programs in 2022.


What to Watch for in Project Contracts: Subrogation & Indemnification

April 12, 2022

Find out why it’s important to understand waivers of subrogation and indemnification in project contracts — as well as what they mean and how they work. When your team is preparing for a big project, there are several factors to…

Employee Retention Credit

Does Your Company Qualify for an ERC? The Answer is Likely ‘Yes’

February 22, 2022

Integrators are being rewarded with an Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for their efforts to keep employees on payroll during the pandemic—and you could be one of them. When I first explained to Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director, the Employee Retention…


Q-SYS Expands Network I/O Peripherals

February 18, 2022

Enhancing solution flexibility and simplifying integration between digital audio and non-networked telephony systems COSTA MESA, Calif., (November 9, 2023) – Q-SYS, a division of QSC LLC, introduces the latest additions to its QIO Series I/O peripheral portfolio: the QIO-AES8x8 and QIO-TEL2. These new modular devices expand Q-SYS system…


The 2 Things You Need to Do to Create a Powerful Workplace Culture

February 1, 2022

You have to do two things when it comes to corporate culture: make sure your high performers stay and your low performers go


Mark Your Calendar: ‘Igniting Our Next-Gen Workforce’ Virtual Celebration on Dec. 2

October 13, 2021

NSCA’s “Igniting Our Next-Gen Workforce” is a completely online experience being held on Dec. 2, 2021, from 3:30pm to 5:30pm CST


An NSCA Team-Building Event that Connects the Next Generation to STEM Positions

August 24, 2021

One of the biggest challenges we hear integrators talk about is the struggle to find talent. Job boards across the nation and in Canada are overwhelmed by job openings—but why is that? The simple truth is this: There’s a shortage…