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January 4, 2023

Difference Between a VAR and an Integrator

Q: What is the difference between a VAR and an Integrator.

A: The closer we get to the IT world the more we hear the term VAR or Value Added Reseller. In my opinion that term was developed in order to distinguish the difference between a stocking distributor (IT supplier, warehouse) and the companies who provides services at the customer’s facility. The IT industry has always used stocking distributors as the method of product delivery to the integrator and they needed to develop this term to more clearly identify the two distinctly different roles.

Our industry chose “Systems Contractor” or “Systems Integrator” to describe the services provider. The IT industry, coming from the computer world, chose the term VAR in a similar fashion. I always joke that the real difference between a VAR and a Systems Integrator is about $75 per hour. I’m kidding of course… right? CW

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