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Are They Really Merging?

February 1, 2013

George in Maryland asks about the mergers between manufacturers. Chuck Wilson, Executive Director of NSCA, admits there are a lot of buyers out looking for acquisitions however he isn’t sure those deals will go through. Buyers want a manufacturer offering…


What Tasks Companies Should Outsource

January 25, 2013

Joe in Minnesota inquires about what tasks should be outsourced now that the new mandates are out. Chuck Wilson of NSCA talks about what tasks are risky to outsource for reasons of the IRS, company culture and reputation. He adds…


Job Costs and 2013 Labor Installation Standard

January 18, 2013

Joseph from Florida asks Chuck Wilson of NSCA about inconsistent job costing reports and what are the steps to correct the inconsistencies? Chuck announces that NSCA has just launched the 2013 Labor Installation Standard report that will help you compare…


Video Training Capabilities in the Work Place

January 10, 2013

Charlie in Virginia asks Chuck Wilson of NSCA about the capabilities to watch video at work. Chuck discusses how unfortunate it that companies do block these channels because many are utilized for training purposes. This is an effective tool that…


Chuck's QOW: Sales Rep Quotas

October 5, 2012

Chuck Wilson, Executive Director of NSCA, revisits a previous question regarding sales compensation plan. Tom from Indiana wrote in to inquire more about what kind of sales quotas can be expected. Chuck describes what kind of numbers you should be…


Cash Flow is a Pain Point

September 14, 2012

He’s back! This week Chuck addresses a common pain point for many members is cash flow. He discusses why this is becoming more of an issue with not only members but manufacturers and how to eliminate the problem as much…


Avoid Paying Insurance for Individuals that have Never Been on Your Payroll

September 7, 2012

Q: We recently lost an unemployment insurance claim made by a 1099/independent contractor. This person has never been on our payroll. We had two appeals to the hearing and we still lost. Have other NSCA members experienced anything similar? A:…


Company Cars Vs Mileage Reimbursement

August 24, 2012

Q: Do most of our members provide company- owned cars for sales people or do a mileage reimbursement? A: The last time we surveyed the membership about 72% paid mileage and 21% provided company owned vehicles. With sales managers it…


How Much Financial Sharing Should Be Done?

August 10, 2012

Q: How much of the financial information should we share with our employees? A: Many have argued this point both ways at our management conferences. I personally believe you should share only the information they need to do their job,…


Avoid Signing a Bad Contract with Responsibility and Procedures

July 28, 2012

Q: We’ve had problems recently with managing responsibility over contracts and discovered we have signed some bad contracts. How do most members set up a contract signing procedure? A: Great question and a major source of trouble with everyone lately….


How to Handle Trip Charges for Service Calls

July 5, 2012

Q: I’m going back and forth with our customers and accounting department over trip charges for service calls. How do other NSCA members handle this? A: There are several common methods and practices used. Some work better in larger markets,…


Difference Between a VAR and an Integrator

June 29, 2012

Q: What is the difference between a VAR and an Integrator. A: The closer we get to the IT world the more we hear the term VAR or Value Added Reseller. In my opinion that term was developed in order…