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NSCA Strategic Planning

Set Your Sights on the Future with Strategic Planning

Take advantage of business consultation personalized to you, your team, and your system integration business.

NSCA’s goal is to help your company be as successful as possible. Sometimes, improvement starts with an evaluation from an outside set of eyes.

NSCA CEO Emeritus Chuck Wilson works closely with integrators and manufacturers to help them write their success stories.

Before he joined NSCA, Chuck owned a successful integration company based in Iowa. He lives and breathes the successful (and unsuccessful) business patterns of NSCA members. He knows what works—and what doesn’t.

Improve Culture

Teaching you how to boost employee satisfaction, attract and retain talent, and develop leaders

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Create Succession Plans

Strengthening capabilities by helping you plan for and address key competencies and skills for business continuity

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Boost Margins

Showing you how to make more on the work you do so you can continue to invest in people and innovation

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Navigate Mergers

Guiding you through the challenge of a merger or acquisition so you can control costs, retain clients, and bridge differences

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NSCA Strategic Planning Steps

Plan for performance, growth, and profitability

  1. Schedule | Whether virtually or in person, we will set up and schedule your strategic planning session.
  2. Respond | Your leaders anonymously answer questions about roles, strengths, challenges, deficiencies, and goals.
  3. Assess | Use our assessment tool to rank company performance in certain categories.
  4. Create | We develop a personalized direction for your strategic planning session.
  5. Discuss | We meet for our in-depth strategic planning session to identify ways to make the most of your assets and opportunities.
  6. Maintain | We hold you accountable by checking in, asking for updates, and answering questions along the way.

Success Doesn’t Happen by Accident

Profitable companies start with creating and executing on strategic plans

Our strategic sessions assess the performance of your organization and establish reliable benchmarks to work from. We also help you create business plans to manage and sustain growth and revenue.

Walk away with custom framework to build your backlog and work in progress, improve your business mix and client base, and work through potential problems.

Work with us to:

  • Set up reliable benchmarks to improve performance and plan for success.
  • Attract, recruit, and retain industry talent by offering employees what they want—without compromising corporate culture.
  • Execute organizational changes that encourage growth, profitability, and productivity.
  • Develop an ideal workplace.

Book Your Session Now!
Contact Mike Abernathy ( or call our office at
(800)-446-6722 to book your session.

“We absolutely loved having Chuck meet with us. We concluded our meeting with renewed excitement for the future, as well as with several concrete strategies we plan to implement.”

-President, Sound Products