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August 26, 2023

Davis Bacon Wage Surveys: Why They're Important

Davis Bacon

NSCA members frequently ask about prevailing wage/Davis Bacon issues. In a time when competition for jobs is at its greatest, providing an intelligent bid can earn you a new job and save you money in wage rates.

This often controversial topic – due to employees requesting higher wages and employers needing to pay fair-market value – is a topic NSCA always receives several calls about.

Your participation in Davis Bacon wage surveys is crucial in determining prevailing wage and the fringe benefits costs on any federal job over $2,000 (and, in some circumstances, even privately funded construction jobs).

FY 2015 brings a variety of new wage surveys:

  • New Hampshire (statewide) – Heavy and Building Construction
  • Minnesota (statewide) Building Construction
  • Alabama (statewide) – Heavy and Building Construction
  • Arkansas (statewide) – Heavy and Building Construction
  • Guam (statewide) – All Construction
  • Mississippi (statewide) – Heavy and Building Construction

You may file an amended wage rate form when bidding on a job, but ensure that your classification has already been surveyed to save you time and money. Common amended (and non-surveyed occupations) include the Electronic Systems Technician, Audio and Video Technicians (27-4011), and Security and Fire Alarm Systems Installers (49-2098).

Please review applicable classifications here.

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