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Dear NSCA Members:

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented business challenges. At NSCA, our role is clear – we aim to provide integration firm members with pragmatic, tried-and-true business resources. We take pride in being your trusted advisor.

During this crisis, however, the critical nature of this role is heightened. The first rule of business is to stay in business. The resources on this Business Continuity page are designed to provide integration companies with critical information to:

  • Find ways to continue to generate revenue
  • Evaluate challenging cost-saving decisions
  • Understand government assistance options
  • Get continuous supply chain updates
  • Manage during an unprecedented crisis
  • Keep your doors open

There is a lot of information out there. We encourage NSCA members to consider the source. As your trade organization and trusted advisor, we have vetted these Business Continuity articles and resources. It will be continually updated as the situation and available information evolves, so return to this page frequently to find new posts.

Check out these recent (and popular) articles about how to keep your business running during the pandemic – and then keep scrolling to access all of our COVID-19 content below.

Manufacturer Supply Chain Updates Amid COVID-19 Crisis
NSCA is compiling updates provided by our manufacturer partners on the status of their supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic

10 Cost-Saving Ideas to Implement Soon
As you implement new tactics to generate income, there are also opportunities to reduce costs along the way. We created a list of real-world approaches to quickly cutting costs. Not only are these tactics great to consider now, but they’ll also serve you well in the future.

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