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The RISE Way

The RISE Way is a stacked approach to coaching that leverages the Scaling Up platform, a world-class coach, and an aligned peer group.

Rise Performance Group provides the tools, framework, and shift in mindset necessary to scale up. Through the unique combination of the time-tested Scaling Up Performance Platform, world-class coaching, and an expertly curated network of System Integration leaders, you and your team will think bigger, bolder, and more confidently commit to decisions.

Everything we do is designed to provide you with the resources, skills, and knowledge to build a winning organization that takes immediate action on the strategic initiatives that matter.

Gain more control, accelerate scale, and achieve record profitability the RISE Way.

Master the Four Decisions to Scale Up

Scale Up the RISE Way

‍Unlock winning strategies by tapping into the power of the Scaling Up business growth system. Accelerate the achievement of your goals, align your teams, and unleash visionary leadership.

Leverage RISE Performance Group’s deep experience and proven track record driving explosive growth in mid-market companies to transform mindsets, push boundaries, and achieve audacious objectives.

‍True leaders serve all stakeholders, which include clients and everyone inside their organizations. Break down silos, align your team, and accelerate results with less effort.

“Emotion creates motion.” Gain fuel for your journey, inspire yourself and your team to take meaningful action and thrive in any challenge.

What has Rise Performance Group done for NSCA members?

What can Rise Performance Group do for your business?
Align your entire team around your One-Page Strategic Plan

  • Focus you and your team on what is most important
  • Drive down accountability, decision making and problem-solving
  • Adopt new habits that remove drame.
  • Create a culture of winning with high energy

When you implement Scaling Up the RISE Way, you will see four common results:

  • Accelerated revenues, profits, and cash flows
  • More freedom because your team is more accountable
  • More fun that comes from winning
  • Increased company valuation


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