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Streamline Drafting, Engineering, and Programming to Save Time with AV Design Labs

AV Design Labs (AVDL) delivers industry-specific services – drafting, engineering, and programming – that allow your company to free up technical staff members’ time, boost productivity, improve consistency, and save money.

Leveraging engineering experience at prominent integration firms, AVDL was born out of an industry need. Too often, integration company engineers spend disproportionate time on tasks like drafting and programming. Disparate approaches lead to inconsistent designs and challenges for field technicians.

AVDL takes engineering, drafting, and programming off the plates of technical staff, resulting in more professional and consistent deliverables. This frees up the technical team to spend more billable time on revenue-generating activities.

Also, by partnering with AVDL for engineering services, integration companies are better equipped to accommodate upticks and downturns during the course of the year. “When a customer makes a commitment of perhaps 40 hours/week with us on contract for a year, we commit to providing them with 80 hours/week of drafting time during the peak integration business, typically in the summer months,” explains Sunil Botadra, VP of engineering services.

“AVDL augments the extra hours by providing a resource as needed at the same contracted rate and, once the peak season returns to normal for an integrator, we scale back to the 40 hours/week commitment the customer has with us. This gives the customer full leverage to use us to the maximum during peak months without having to invest in or commit to extra resources during the year. Win-win for both parties.”

What can AV Design Labs do for NSCA members?

Attention NSCA Members: AV Design Labs offers yearly contracts in 15 hours/week, 25 hours/week, and 40 hours/week time blocks. Call or email AV Design Labs for pricing info.

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*Please note: AV Design Labs is a valued NSCA Member Advisory Councilmember. A representative may contact you periodically via phone or email to determine whether these services would be beneficial to your organization.*

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