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October 3, 2023

How to Reduce Costs by Streamlining Office Supply Management


A strategic approach to office supply management can create significant benefits that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve procurement control.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the systems integration industry, businesses face a unique set of challenges. Amidst the complex tasks and projects that require your attention, the role of managing and sourcing office supplies may seem trivial at first glance. But a strategic approach to office supply management can create significant benefits that enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve procurement control.

Boost Efficiency by Optimizing Workflows

Success and efficiency go hand in hand. ODP Business Solutions™, an NSCA Business Accelerator, can help you find ways to optimize your workflows and vendor relationships so that you save time, enhance efficiency, and increase productivity.

Implementing a systematic approach to office supply procurement and management can lead to enhanced productivity in several ways:

  • Streamlined processes. Time is money, and every minute counts. ODP can help you increase efficiency in how you order, receive, pay, measure, and collectively manage your supply program.
  • Consolidation of vendors. Managing multiple vendors can be a daunting task that diverts your attention from core business activities. You can consolidate your vendor relationships, gain peace of mind, and maintain an effective supply program when you have fewer steps. By having one point of contact, you can access trends and key research more efficiently, making informed decisions that align with your business goals.
  • Enhanced productivity. Success requires staying ahead of the curve. ODP offers solutions that go beyond supplies, providing you with the tools to keep your business prepared and efficient. Whether it’s furniture, print and copy services, or other essential items like ink and toner, your NSCA ODP Business Solutions Savings Program ensures that you have what you need to maintain a productive workspace.


Achieving Cost Savings Can Be Simple

Your member-only savings program uses data to help you choose solutions that provide your business with more value.

For example, ODP’s team can help you identify the items you use most frequently and show you how to focus your spend there. When you lean on ODP Business Solutions, you can save money and reduce additional soft-dollar costs by:

  • Focusing spend. Drive down your office supply management costs and realize overall savings by zeroing in on core (best value) items that you use most often or that have strategic value.
  • Analyzing hard and soft costs. Increase cost savings across multiple categories by evaluating hard and soft costs in detail.

Regain Control of Your Workflows

Can you lower your organization’s costs by changing the way you make purchases? ODP Business Solutions can help you evaluate your purchasing process. When you strengthen your organization’s level of control, you can reduce expensive procurement trends that raise your costs day in and day out. You can leverage the power of ODP tools and solutions to:

  • Reshape costly purchasing behaviors. Get help to pinpoint how ODP’s tools can provide savings that can reduce your expenses and your total cost of ownership.
  • Gain visibility into total spend. Identify areas for savings, gain clarity, and get control over your workplace with insights from ODP Business Solutions about your company’s procurement.

Build Your Success with ODP Solutions and Services

Get the supplies, solutions, and services you’re looking for from the NSCA ODP Business Solutions™ Savings Program. It connects you to:

  • Office supplies
  • Furniture
  • Print, promo, and apparel
  • Facilities
  • Technology

Find out how ODP can help your organization strive for success and achieve reduced costs through office supply management by registering for an account today.

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