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June 12, 2024

Superior ceiling sound, simplified: Electro-Voice introduces next-generation EVID ceiling speakers at InfoComm 2024

  • Complete refresh of EVID C series, plus new economy options – seven standard EVID-C-G2 models and the addition of five entry-level EVID-EC models allow for a versatile and cost-effective mix of products to precisely address the audio requirements of different areas in an installation
  • Simple, fast and safe installation – with new SwiftLock System (C-G2 models), easy-access tap and terminal placement, same-diameter designs, magnetic and paintable bezel-less grilles, and more
  • Superior audio with streamlined aesthetics – patented SST (Signal Synchronized Transducer) technology allows a more shallow and compact enclosure while enhancing full-range pattern control

Burnsville, MN, Jun 12, 2024 – Electro-Voice is pleased to introduce the next generation of its successful EVID series ceiling speakers, launching globally at InfoComm 2024. Two new series are being introduced: the standard EVID-C-G2 series includes seven models and replaces the existing C series; the addition of five EVID-EC entry-level models further expands the previous product lineup.

Collectively the 12 new models provide mix-and-match price/performance options that can be selected to precisely address the distributed audio requirements of different areas in an installation. Configurations range from 3” full-range to 8” two-way and subwoofer models, and include dedicated models for specific applications, such as low-profile, high-ceiling/high-performance, UL 1480, CSA/ULC-S541:2016 and EN54-24 EVAC-certified models. The 3” entry-level model (EVID-EC3.1) is suitable for high humidity spaces and is IP45 rated. All C-G2 and EC models are UL 1480A and UL 2043 certified.

Aesthetically and acoustically compatible with existing EVID ceiling speakers, the new models are designed to deliver an advanced combination of best-in-class sound quality, refined styling and user-friendly features that reaffirms the EVID family’s reputation for performance and robust reliability. Whether used for background music or announcements, there’s a combination of EVID ceiling speakers to suit every space and application scenario – a go-to solution for elevating audio ambience and speech intelligibility in hospitality establishments, entertainment venues, educational facilities, houses of worship, retail spaces, places of business and more.

Simple, fast and safe installation

As with all EVID models, the new C and EC series models have been designed with the integrator in mind, with multiple time-saving features that will add value to every project. The new SwiftLock System (C-G2 models only) supports quick, precise and secure attachment to the ceiling with a simple push-and-lock mechanism for hassle-free installation or replacement. The easy-access front-baffle wattage tap and side-access terminal blocks make adjustment and connection simpler than ever. All models are 70/100V.

The C-G2 and EC models feature the same three cut-out sizes and outside diameter sizes as the previous-generation C series models: small/7”, medium/11” and large/13”. In addition to ensuring a more balanced appearance, this standardized sizing makes multi-model and/or retrofit installations easier, as the same cut-out holes may be used/re-used.

All models include easy-to-attach bezel-less magnetic grilles in a paintable white finish. This means that only the grilles need to be painted, saving time when it comes to choosing or matching a venue’s color scheme. Black-finish grilles are available as an accessory for all sizes and square grilles are available in white for the medium/11” size, adding further flexibility to compliment any architectural environment. All models have protective cloth under the grille.

Superior audio with streamlined aesthetics

All models benefit from Electro-Voice’s patented SST (Signal Synchronized Transducers) technology – a patented approach to time-aligning the low- and high-frequency transducers that allows a larger waveguide to fit inside a more compact enclosure, resulting in enhanced acoustic performance and pattern control for exceptional full-range intelligibility. Shallower profiles allow the speakers to fit into tighter spaces, with no compromises in sound quality.

The next-gen ceiling models join the currently available surface-mount, pendant-mount, flush-mount and high-performance PC (Premium Ceiling) models in the broader EVID family, which represents the industry’s most extensive portfolio of loudspeakers for commercial sound. Various EVID models can be combined to create an optimal system design with consistent visuals and voicing throughout – whether with a few speakers or hundreds.

The Electro-Voice Ceiling & Pendant Speaker Calculator is free to download and has been updated to include all the new models.


  • EVID-C4.2-G2 4” two-way
  • EVID-C4.2LP-G2 4” two-way, low-profile
  • EVID-C6.2-G2 6.5” two-way
  • EVID-C6.2LP-G2 6.5” two-way, low-profile
  • EVID-C8.2-G2 8” two-way
  • EVID-C8.2HC-G2 8” two-way, high-ceiling/high-performance
  • EVID-C8.1S-G2 8” subwoofer


  • EVID-EC3.1 3” full-range
  • EVID-EC4.2 4” two-way
  • EVID-EC6.2 6.5” two-way
  • EVID-EC6.2E 6.5” two-way EVAC (EN54-24, UL 1480, CAN/ULC-S541:2016)
  • EVID-EC8.2 8” two-way


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