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December 23, 2023

Electro-Voice and Dynacord system caters to the contemporary and the cultural at Kiên Giang Music Theater

Electro-Voice and Dynacord system caters to the contemporary and the cultural at Kiên Giang Music Theater

Rạch Giá, Vietnam, Dec 2023 – Located in Rạch Giá, the capital city of Kiên Giang province in southwestern Vietnam, the Kiên Giang Music Theater plays a significant role as a cultural and artistic hub – not only within the province but also throughout the wider region.


In addition to presenting contemporary program material, the venue has gained recognition for its commitment to preserving and promoting the revered folk-art form of “cải lương” – a complex artistic genre that blends traditional melodies with various musical instruments. The theater therefore serves as a prominent focal point for national cultural exchange and enrichment, and audiences can expect performances and production values of the utmost artistic quality.

When the time came to modernize the sound system at the large theater, many considerations came into play. Beyond the seamless coverage and sonic finesse required to clearly convey the nuanced content and powerful emotions of the traditional performances, the system also needed to provide ample output capacity for contemporary program material.


To achieve this goal, integrator Truong Thinh worked closely with experts from Electro-Voice and Dynacord to specify a state-of-the-art solution including two hangs of nine Electro-Voice X1 line-array loudspeakers supported by 10 X12-128 dual-18” subwoofers, all driven by Dynacord IPX series power amplifiers, along with multiple Electro-Voice ETX and EKX powered speakers serving as fills and stage monitors, and a selection of Electro-Voice wired/wireless microphones to capture every detail on stage. As well as delivering the coverage and power the theater required from an acoustic angle, the PA’s compact form factor minimizes its visual impact from an aesthetic perspective.

This complete system solution provides an exceptional audio experience for shows and events at the theater and has invigorated the presentation of cải lương for new generations to enjoy – all reaffirming the theater’s prominence on a regional and national level for audiences and performing artists alike.

  • Equipment list:
    • Electro-Voice:
    • 18x X1-212 line-array loudspeakers
    • 10x X12-128 dual-18” subwoofers
    • 4x ETX-35P powered loudspeakers
    • 4x ETX-18SP powered subwoofers
    • 6x EKX-12P powered loudspeakers
    • 4x RE3-ND86 wireless microphone systems with ND86 handhelds
    • 4x ND76S vocal microphones
  • Dynacord:
    • 2x IPX20:4 (4x 5000 W) DSP power amplifiers
    • 5x IPX 10:4 (4x 2500 W) DSP power amplifiers

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