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April 22, 2024

AtlasIED Announces Equity Investment in AI-Powered Risk Management Developer IntelliSee

IntelliSee person on ground 2 w IntelliSee logo

Phoenix, AZ— April 5, 2024 – AtlasIED, a recognized leader in the commercial audio and security industries, today announced a significant equity investment in IntelliSee, the developer of an AI-powered video analytics risk management solution. As part of the investment, AtlasIED will offer the IntelliSee platform as part of its mass communication ecosystem, including AtlasIED’s IPX series of endpoints and Singlewire’s InformaCast.

Founded in 2020 by a group of educators, business leaders, and technology professionals as a spinoff from the University of Iowa, IntelliSee’s AI-powered risk mitigation platform helps schools, businesses, and hospitals strengthen their approach to organizational safety. The IntelliSee platform protects organizations and facilities against day-to-day risks including slipping hazards, fallen persons, trespassing, loitering, unauthorized vehicles, and more. IntelliSee is also used for threat detection and notification when it comes to critical incidents like weapon detection and violent actions.

IntelliSee overlays with existing video surveillance systems to continually monitor live camera feeds to detect threats in real time. Once a threat is detected, instant alerts provide pre-determined stakeholders with the situational awareness and context needed to act quickly to prevent harm. In situations where it’s warranted (and programmed) certain more urgent threats can automatically trigger lock downs and emergency communication distribution, and inform first responders through seamless integrations.

Scott Keplinger, IntelliSee CEO
Scott Keplinger, IntelliSee CEO

“We founded IntelliSee to make the world a better, safer place through the ethical use of our advanced AI,” said Scott Keplinger, IntelliSee CEO “By partnering with AtlasIED, we’re teaming up with a leading company that shares our values and mission to make a bigger impact. By seamlessly fitting into an organization’s critical infrastructure and systems like IPX, we’re able to better protect their properties, finances, and – most importantly – their people and those they serve.”

AtlasIED will offer IntelliSee as part of its now comprehensive threat detection and mass communications ecosystem, which includes the company’s series of IP endpoints and InformaCast mass notification software. AtlasIED’s IPX series features IP endpoints that offer audio and visual mass communication, public address, and intercom capabilities integrated into a single device. Endpoints can include loudspeakers, LED displays, two-way communications, and multi-colored flashers. InformaCast is a mass notification software that unifies on-premise and off-premise communications with the ability to send text messages and desktop notifications to faculty, students, and parents’ devices and alert law enforcement as well as triggering IPX for a full building, campus, or district wide solution. Once enabled, IntelliSee will detect potential threats through real-time AI analysis and initiate pre-programmed notification processes through InformaCast.  Those notifications include audio and visual responses onsite via the IPX endpoints, and alerts to staff, stakeholders, and law enforcement via text or desktop notifications.

“Mass communications for safety and security continue to be a critical area of growth for AtlasIED, and this investment in IntelliSee underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that address these challenges,” said John Ivey, CEO of AtlasIED.

“I firmly believe in the transformational power of deep learning AI and IntelliSee’s innovative technology is a shining example of how AI can solve real-world challenges. We’re excited to offer this technology as part of AtlasIED’s mass communications ecosystem.”

AtlasIED will feature their comprehensive security technology solutions including IPX series, InformaCast, and IntelliSee at ISC West in Las Vegas at booth 31061.

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