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September 17, 2022

Are Subcontractors Exempt from Needing Insurance?

Bob from Wisconsin asks: “One of my install subcontractors says he’s exempt from needing insurance. Can that be right?”

NSCA responds: A lot of NSCA members report that their subcontractors are now stating that they should be exempt from having workers’ comp – and, in this situation, that’s likely what your subcontractor is referring to.

Are you wondering how that is possible? If the subcontractor owns his own business and is also the one doing the work, many states have decided that subcontractors can waive workers’ comp due to the high costs (especially if the subcontractor employs a handful of people or less). Either way, it’s important to verify that the subcontractor has either workers’ compensation or the waiver. This short video explains how to verify this before you work together.

Even though your subcontractors may not need workers’ comp, there are still types of insurance they do need in order to complete the job. Learn more about those requirements here, along with what you should know about working with subcontractors.

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