The Value of Your Expertise

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Create DateApril 16, 2019
Last UpdatedApril 16, 2019

Presented by: Seth Rubenstein, Domotz

Join Seth Rubenstein and Mike Abernathy on the topic of getting predictable revenue (RMR) from predictably high quality customer care. Whether your current business strategy is reactive (break-fix, truck-roll), or you leverage remote monitoring and management tools to address issues proactively and efficiently, every customer wants the same thing: a confident, sustained technology experience. Everyone knows equipment will fail, firmware will need to be updated, newer technologies will always be coming. Even the best design, engineering and installation requires maintenance to continue operating at peak performance. If all you sell is parts, you are in the parts business; but if you sell integrated electronic systems – A/V automation, IT, security, lighting, HVAC (anything with an IP address) – you are in the performance business. From warranties to Hardware as a Service models – we’ll talk about how the value of your expertise is an opportunity to earn predictable revenue while providing the positive experiences your customers crave.

Seth Rubenstein currently manages vendor partnerships for Domotz and has over twenty years of experience serving residential and commercial system integrators, helping companies leverage software tools and services to convert knowledge and expertise into growth through recurring revenue.

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