The Pillars of an Effective Digital Marketing & Sales Enablement Strategy

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Create DateDecember 2, 2020
Last UpdatedDecember 2, 2020

Presenters: James Loper, Digital Marketing Program Manager, SYNNEX Corporation;
Mike Fleetwood, Director Partner Enablement, SYNNEX Corporation

Join this webinar event to discuss the current trends in digital marketing and sales enablement. There is a growing demand for effective digital marketing and sales enablement more than ever during this time of economic disruption. SYNNEX’s own Mike Fleetwood and James Loper will discuss our strategies deployed to educate our integrator partners on new products, solutions, and services that are driving the most opportunities within our industry. Having the knowledge, best practices and demand generation tools to support your go to market plan will be crucial for growth in 2021. Understanding how to leverage our resources to generate more demand and close competitive deals is our goal. Whether your company is expanding your own tools or leveraging SYNNEX programs, you’ll leave this webinar with key takeaways and new ideas for your 2021 digital marketing and sales enablement plan.

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