The New/Next Normal: 5 Patterns that WILL Change & 5 That MIGHT

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Create DateJuly 14, 2020
Last UpdatedJuly 14, 2020

Presented by Dr. Chris Kuehl, Armada Corporate Intelligence

This webinar looks beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

NSCA Chief Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl has been a key ally to the integrator community throughout the crisis. At NSCA’s 22nd annual Business & Leadership Conference in February, he delivered his “Economic Outlook 2020 for Integrators” in which he discussed potential impact of the spreading virus. Twice since he has updated his outlook for the integration market in NSCA webinars.

In this webinar presentation, “New/Next Normal: 5 Patterns that WILL Change & 5 That MIGHT,” Dr. Kuehl helps the NSCA community to look beyond COVID-19. The economist focuses less on the current pandemic situation and more on what the economy and business climate looks like moving forward.

Specifically, Dr. Kuehl will explore five areas he is confident will change and impact the integration market:

Global supply chain
Employment patterns
Use of technology for work and at home
Role and reach of government
Status of globalization
Additionally, he discusses the factors around five areas that will possibly change and impact integrators:

Consumer behavior
State of capital and lending markets
Role of education and training
Political direction and orientation
Role of the medical community

Integration professionals that attend this free NSCA webinar benefit from Dr. Kuehl’s forecast, which will be helpful in strategic planning. Meanwhile, NSCA’s chief economist will challenge integrators with strategic questions.

This webinar is not about the latest economic nuances and developments in the virus battle. Instead, this webinar is about digging in and positioning your company for success beyond the pandemic.

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