Tackling Tough Decisions: Logical Approaches to Cost-Cutting

Create DateApril 28, 2020
Last UpdatedApril 28, 2020

Presented by: Josh Shanahan, SVT; Chuck Wilson, NSCA; Tom LeBlanc, NSCA (moderator)

At NSCA we appreciate the positive attitude and perseverance we’ve seen throughout the integration industry during the COVID-19 crisis. The hard truth is that many integration firm leaders are faced with very difficult decisions about how to move their companies forward:

• How to best use funds they might have acquired via the CARES Act Payment Protection Plan
• Confronting options such as furloughs and layoffs
• Considering creative alternatives such as employee hour reduction and suspension of 401(K)

In this webinar, we’ll discuss best practices for putting these decisions in the right context. We’ll explain how to conduct a “financial stress test” for your company to truly understand how much downtime you can handle – and what you’re up against. Attendees will gain tips for balancing employment levels to revenue projections. We’ll run down key areas of evaluation to help company leaders truly understand where they stand, so they can face those tough decisions.

Josh Shanahan, CEO of integration firm SVT and president of NSCA and Chuck Wilson, NSCA executive director join moderator Tom LeBlanc, NSCA’s director of industry outreach to offer real world perspective and logical steps toward making these unenviable decisions.

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