Supply Chain and COVID-19: Analyzing Integrators’ Options

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Create DateApril 21, 2020
Last UpdatedApril 21, 2020

Presented by: Sandi Stambaugh, Synnex; Mike Boettcher, New Era Technology; Mike Abernathy, NSCA (moderator)

As integration companies look to battle through the COVID-19 crisis and do everything they can to keep revenue flowing, there is one factor that seems to be out of their control: the product supply chain and their ability to obtain products.

Integrators that are fortunate enough to be working on projects in the current climate need products to install – but the COVID-19 pandemic has created supply chain challenges for many manufacturers. To help integrators keep tabs on this issue, NSCA has a constantly updated report on supply chain status for NSCA solutions provider partners.

Although manufacturer supply chain issues may seem out of an integration company’s control, there are logical steps to take to minimize the impact on your organization. In this free webinar, NSCA leverages insight from Mike Boettcher, CEO of integration firm New Era Technology, and Sandi Stambaugh, VP of product management for distributor Synnex.

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