Sales & Operations Planning: How to Get on the Same Page

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Create DateApril 20, 2021
Last UpdatedApril 20, 2021

Presented by Joel Harris, Strategy and Business Consultant with Navigate Management Consulting and a member of NSCA's Financial Leadership Council, with guest speaker Jim Scalise, General Manager of Avidex Industries LLC

Does your sales team often oversell your delivery capacity, resulting in the following?

Frustration by your sales team
Loss of customer goodwill when projects are not completed as promised
Even creating customer defections

More likely, how often does your delivery capacity go unused resulting in all your internal costs flowing to your bottom line with poor or even disastrous financial results?

For many integration companies, this disfunction leads to wasted labor, poor margins, and diminished profitability. It should be a priority for integrators to get sales and operations on the same page.
How do you get these two fundamental business silos – sales and operations -- to work together for the good of the organization?

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