Pass Summer Camp Webinar Series #2 - Mobile/Digital Credentials

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Create DateJuly 26, 2023
Last UpdatedJuly 26, 2023

The latest trend in access control for educational facilities is the use of phone-based mobile credentials. Recent incidents have brought awareness to the confusion and concerns over building access for emergency responders that haven’t been issued patented keys or know where the key lock box is located. We will have subject matter experts discuss the benefits and considerations of this growing trend in school safety. We will share our whitepaper and answer any questions you might have.

Examples include:
Who would be assigned mobile credentials and why?
Is it safe to allow non-school administrators access to the building via access control?
Does a whole new system need to be installed to allow mobile devices to lock and unlock entry/exit doors?
Why not just issue more keys or proximity cards?
How do you undo someone’s credentials from a personal device once they leave?
Is cell service required for this to operate properly?

Moderator: Jeremy Gulley

Subject matter experts: Mike Garcia and Guy Grace

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