How to Use the Financial Analysis of the Industry

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Create DateDecember 6, 2018
Last UpdatedDecember 6, 2018

Presented by Chuck Wilson, NSCA Executive Director

We asked systems integrators across the country to participate in our Cost of Doing Business survey. Now we’re ready to share the results in our latest Financial Analysis of the Industry report, and what they mean for you.

There were a few surprising findings in this report, including:

Project backlog (unfinished work and sales orders that haven’t been fulfilled) has more than doubled in terms of dollars since the 2015 survey, from a median of $2 million to a median of $4.8 million.
The percentage of revenue from recurring sales has been dropping since 2010, reaching a historical low point of 10.83%. The report also indicates, however, that most profitable and top-quartile companies consistently rely on recurring sales.
“Video display/AV presentation and control” leads other options by a notable margin in terms of the system/technology that accounts for the largest share of total revenue in the last fiscal year.
Discover how to use the report to compare your company’s financial information with other integrators that run the same type of business you do. After the webinar is over, you’ll be able to identify areas in which you excel above industry averages, and areas where you’ve allowed expenses to increase well beyond the norm.

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