How to Hire & Onboard Faster

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Create DateJune 29, 2016
Last UpdatedJune 29, 2016

Presenters: Katie Chism and Chuck Wilson, NSCA

Think about how much faster and smoother your hiring process would be if you could quickly test the technical proficiency of job candidates before you hire them - and then onboard each new employee by giving them information specific to your company, as well as hints and tips for their specific roles within the organization.

We will walk you through two new NSCA products designed to help integrators hire and onboard new employees much faster (and much smarter).

Technical Assessment Tool. This online tool enables you to gauge the proficiency of potential installers and technicians in a variety of system types at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. You'll have a solid understanding of their technical aptitude before you make a job offer. This same tool can also be used with existing staff members who indicate an interest in moving into a new technology-specific role.
Certificate as a Systems Integration Professional (C-SIP) Program. This online program provides nearly five hours of industry- and job-specific training in finance, marketing, operations, or sales (select from the appropriate track once you register). Sending each new employee through this training provides a basic understanding of the industry itself, what systems integrators really do, and the importance of that employee's specific role within the organization. Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a professional certificate as a Systems Integration Professional.

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Chuck Wilson is the executive director for NSCA, the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial electronic systems industry. Much of Chuck’s time is spent assisting contractors with the challenges of today’s business environment. He often gives lectures and presentations at key industry events, and has been published in numerous leading trade journals.

Katie Chism is the general manager and VP of operations for NSCA. In her role, she manages many of the day-to-day operations of the organization, as well as the new products and features NSCA rolls out to its members. She’s also instrumental in planning content for the annual Business & Leadership Conference, as well as NSCA’s regional events.

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