How to Become a Master Systems Integrator

What is a “master systems integrator”? Put simply, it’s what NSCA believes integrators need to evolve to in order to remain relevant and vital as customers’ needs evolve.

Put another way, it’s an integration company that oversees all all of a customer’s technical solutions. No, it doesn’t necessary mean AV integrators need to do security or that security and life safety integrators need to do AV. It means they must be ready to somehow provide solutions when the building owner or facility manager will demand that one company be solely responsible for all the systems in their space.

One thing being a master systems integrator is not is a niche. Nor is it a “read the tea leaves” prediction. This is where the market is heading and NSCA wants its member integrators to prepare.

Integrators don’t get to decide what will be important to customers – but it’s our responsibility to be ready for how their demands will evolve. Take this opportunity to learn and discuss with peers about how to position yourself to be a master systems integrator.

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