How Integrators Can Stop Making Big Marketing Mistakes

Presented by One Firefly & Supervox

Marketing can bring you more qualified leads, help you close sales faster, and even attract new employees—but only when it’s well-managed and focused on your customers. With so many other initiatives integrators must juggle, marketing often happens irregularly and haphazardly—if at all.

NSCA, One Firefly, and Supervox are partnering to bring you valuable marketing information in a webinar that will help put these mistakes behind you.

We’ll discuss the biggest marketing mistakes integrators make, as well as the impact of these missteps, including:

• A website that doesn’t portray the capabilities of your company
• An elevator pitch that doesn’t describe what you do and what makes your company special
• Not leveraging the true power of social media
• Not establishing a rhythm to stay in front of customers
• Not asking customers for feedback
• Confusing your “brand” with your “logos”

Then we’ll offer practical ways to address these mistakes. Once you understand these helpful steps, you can establish a customer-centric marketing approach that moves your business forward. We’ll offer insight on how to:
• Align your company’s brand with leadership’s strategic goals
• Articulate your brand story, brand pillars, and personality
• Involve every member of your staff in understanding the importance of the elevator pitch so your company’s story is consistent
• Create and communicate real differentiators
• Share information on above-the-fold website real estate
• Develop and share educational content

Join this discussion to understand what marketing mistakes you’re making – and find out how to fix them.

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