3 Tips for Effective 2024 Planning (Roundtable Discussion)

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Create DateDecember 12, 2023
Last UpdatedDecember 12, 2023

Presented by Exertis Almo & Sony Electronics

You don’t hear a lot of integration company leaders complaining that they prepared TOO MUCH. It’s quite the opposite. NSCA integrators often talk to NSCA about how they can more effectively plan for what lies in front of them. So, with 2024 right around the corner, it’s a perfect time for an NSCA Community Roundtable Discussion offering best practices for planning the year ahead.

We’ll kick off the conversation by offering suggestions on how to best use NSCA resources to anticipate obstacles and prepare for success in 2024. Examples include:

How to leverage NSCA’s Financial Leadership 101 document, which includes 24 metrics that integrators should consider monitoring in 2024.
Since so many integrators are focusing on elevating their service business in 2024, we’ll discuss how to structure your sales compensation plans for RMR growth.
An often overlooked but overwhelmingly impactful decision that integrators make is the partners they keep. We’ll discuss the value of choosing the right channel-friendly and supportive vendors as well as recognizing toxic customer relationships and selecting profitable projects.
NSCA Director of Business Resources Mike Abernathy is accustomed to talking with NSCA members about how to use NSCA resources to tackle these issues. This interactive roundtable is a great opportunity to learn and discuss firsthand with industry peers.

As you’re preparing for 2024, this will be an hour well spent.

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