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June 15, 2021

Get to Know Ignite 2.0

Ignite 2.0
NSCA Education Foundation’s Ignite has always prioritized diversification of the integration market. Now, with version 2.0, we’re doubling down on inclusion.

A common criticism of the integration industry is that it’s a tad … incestual. The same folks jump from company to company. The same faces are seen at industry events. Our industry isn’t as diverse as it ought to be.

The root of the problem? Not enough individuals outside our bubble know about our industry. If enthusiastic workers from all demographics knew about exciting jobs built around using technology to solve business problems, they’d be all in!

Ignite encourages industry professionals to connect with technical schools, high schools, and job fairs to spread the word about our great industry. Through internship programs and NSCA members that act as Ignite Ambassadors, we help launch integration careers.

While Ignite has always sought to improve racial and gender inclusion, we’re doubling down on that initiative. Ignite 2.0 is driven by an NSCA committee focused on leveraging the proven program to hasten inclusion.

NSCA’s Ignite 2.0 mission is to inspire our members and organizations to embrace the concepts and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across age, gender, race, religion, identity, and experience to drive us forward. We want and need NSCA membership to be reflective of the markets we serve and provide opportunities for growth and influence for the industry’s workforce.

Ignite 2.0 seeks to develop a framework for DEI, embracing and endorsing the notions and practices of empathy and corporate social responsibility.

The efforts of Ignite 2.0 will make your membership and participation in NSCA more valuable and rewarding than ever. Your company culture reflects your core values—internally and externally. The results will help you become a better, more successful business.

Ignite 2.0 Priorities
The goals of NSCA Ignite 2.0 are continually evolving, but these are the initiative’s core priorities:

  • To continue to educate young, diverse professionals about career opportunities in the exciting integration market
  • To build on the success of Ignite Internship and Ignite Ambassador programs to recruit qualified individuals with fresh perspectives
  • To diversify the pipeline of integration firm leaders who are heavily involved with NSCA and on a course toward potentially becoming NSCA board members
  • To always focus on racial and gender inclusion
  • To shift toward becoming a more well-rounded, diverse industry

Ignite 2.0 Committee Members

  • Mike Boettcher, Chair/Board Liaison, New Era Technology
  • Tom LeBlanc, NSCA Liaison, NSCA
  • Kelly Perkins, NSCA Foundation
  • Chris Turner, New Era Technology
  • Bruce Kaufmann, Human Circuit
  • Amy Blackburn, Mood Media
  • Joe Perez, ClearTech
  • Akin Adewole, Verrex
  • Mildred Ramos, Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC
  • Luis Schilling, Welnstall.IT

We want to hear from NSCA community members like you. What priorities do you have for Ignite 2.0? Send your suggestions and/or offer to get involved by emailing NSCA Executive Director Tom LeBlanc. Learn more at

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