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June 18, 2024

How to Improve Your Future Leadership Pipeline (Webinar)

How would you rate your company’s leadership succession planning? If you’re like most integration companies, there’s room for improvement.

Our industry has many established leaders, but NSCA often hears from companies unprepared for next-generation leadership. This is a significant issue.

This webinar offers tips for current and future integration leaders on succession planning. It’s about preparing team members to step into manager-, director-, and C-level roles, ensuring your company boosts leadership across all segments.

Strong leadership enables companies to be innovative, nimble, relevant, and profitable. It also helps cultivate a strong company culture that fosters loyalty and retention of top talent.

An effective succession strategy is a long-term plan with many elements, covered during this NSCA webinar:

  • Identifying Leadership Roles: Documenting future leadership needs is crucial for all positions.
  • Defining Leadership Qualities: Understand the skills necessary to lead your company. Consider specialized training, family members, and external candidates.
  • Assessing Leadership Candidates: Identify strengths and capability gaps. Distinguish between high performers and those with high potential.

Featuring insights from NSCA Business Accelerator partner, Insperity, this discussion includes real-world experiences.

NSCA is committed to next-generation leadership. We’ll share survey results highlighting the gap between current and future leaders, revealing what emerging leaders need.

This webinar is a precursor to NSCA’s XBO conference for next-generation leaders, November 12-13 in Atlanta.

Join NSCA, Insperity, and fellow integrators to enhance your future leadership pipeline.

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