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July 9, 2024

Financial Leadership: Preventive Measures for Sustaining Success

Tuesday, July 9 at 11:00 am CDT

NSCA takes pride in our members being both forward-focused and fiscally responsible. When you see terms like “preventive measures” and “uncertainty” in an NSCA webinar title, it’s not about pressing a panic button. It’s about encouraging integration company leaders to be vigilant about financial management with an eye toward sustaining success.

  • That’s why we’ve gathered financial leaders to discuss:
  • Scenario planning: Already knowing how your company will react to various potential outcomes
  • Gathering internal/external data about what’s to come and knowing how to react to it
  • Leading indicators that financial leaders to study
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that address preventive measures

NSCA Executive Director Tom LeBlanc hosts a discussion with input from members of NSCA’s Financial Leadership council and integrator member panelists. Joel Harris, president of NSCA Business Accelerator Solutions360, shares insight to help integrators walk through scenario planning.

Jerry Bernard, president of integration company KCAV and Kevin Miller, president of integration company Coitcom connect the dots for other integrators in the audience. They explain how they use the best practices presented by Harris and Benjamin and the results they’ve realized.

Webinar attendees will walk away with key takeaways that they can implement in their business. No, the sky isn’t falling. As your trade association, it’s NSCA’s responsibility to make sure our member companies are ready for anything. This gives our members great opportunity for sustained success amid market ups and downs.

Don’t miss this must-attend NSCA financial leadership webinar.

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