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Project Management

August 21, 2018

NSCA Success Story: The Value of Project Management Training

After a recent organizational restructure, Lone Star Communications decided to add a new layer of superintendent positions to its operations department. The creation of these positions also created the need for training. Job duties were separated, along with a reorganization of teams and departments, to establish defined superintendent and project management roles. Dan Hiett, senior vice president of operations at Lone Star, reached out to NSCA to learn more about how Enterprise Performance Consulting might be able to help ease the transition for employees impacted by the restructuring.

May 15, 2018

NSCA Success Story: Financing to Capture More Deals

Inteconnex was working closely with a client on a complete IT infrastructure upgrade, totaling approximately $120,000 in equipment. To avoid incurring 100% of the expenses upfront, the client was interested in financing the project. After hearing about NSCA Business Accelerator GreatAmerica, Inteconnex did some investigating to learn more about how its financing services worked – and then decided to complete the company’s first GreatAmerica financing deal. “Our first deal with GreatAmerica was awesome,” says Marc Meyer, Inteconnex president. “If I could route every deal through them, I would.”