Personalized Business Consultation with NSCA’s Chuck Wilson

Did you know you can leverage your NSCA membership by taking advantage of business consultation with NSCA CEO Chuck Wilson?

Before he joined NSCA, Chuck owned a successful integration company based in Iowa. As NSCA's leader, he lives and breathes the successful (and unsuccessful) business patterns of NSCA members. He sees what works—and what doesn't.

Chuck works with you and key members of your executive team to create and optimize your organization's business/strategic plan.

Business consultation sessions can conducted in person or virtually. 

Is there a plan in place for your business and employees to follow when it comes to performance, growth, and profitability?

Chuck can assess the performance of your organization and establish reliable benchmarks to work from, as well as create business plans to manage and sustain growth and revenue. His experience helps you create a custom framework to build up your backlog and work in progress, improve your business mix and client base, and work through potential problems you may face down the road.

What has NSCA done for its members through these services?

  • Designed and redesigned organizational restructures to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Created step-by-step plans to move to RMR models
  • Led strategic planning sessions to establish measurable goals and objectives
“We absolutely loved having Chuck meet with us. We concluded our meeting with renewed excitement for the future, as well as with several concrete strategies we plan to implement.”
-President, Sound Products

What can NSCA do for your business?

  1. Set up reliable benchmarks to improve performance and plan for success
  2. Help you find ways to attract, recruit, and retain industry talent by offering employees what they want — without compromising corporate culture
  3. Execute organizational changes that encourage growth, profitability, and productivity
  4. Find ways to navigate supply chain challenges
  5. Provide insight on developing ideal workplaces

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